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- DongKi Kim
82 - 31 - 7955734

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DONGMYUNG is a special company that produces protection and safety goods mantufacture them ourselves. We grow continuously and stably through developing technology to enhance company innovation.


We established automation and standarad system for all process and our best quality improvement. As we are specialized in this field, we only produce high quality and safety goods through sever quality control.

We are jumping as  a global company that leads safety goods field by managing systematci to produce only cerified products for all product with which enhanced safety standard is applied.

We are always protecting predictable hazard by keeping in mind that our family members are working at the construction field. Through this principal we do our best for customer satisfaction and impression based on costumer safety and happiness as a top priority, which considers

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safety pad


Waist belt

Full Protection Tool

Safety Helmet AM-301

Auto-Reel Lanyard

Double Leg Lanyard

Full Body Harness DMS 201-1

Shock Absorbing Lanyards